Accounts Payable

Last Update:
March 25, 2022

Accounts Payable allows you to search for timecards, add invoices, add expenses, and sort by processing status to see how things are going in your project. 

View all requested items in your project, including the name of the worker, how much the request was for, and where it stands in the approval process. To make an edit, click View.

  • Search for requests by name or sort by Any Status.
  • When sorted by approval status, all unapproved items include a checkbox. For bulk approvals, select the checkbox next to each of the items you are approving and then click Approved Checked. Or, if you wish to approve everything, click on the checkbox in the header, next to the date column, to check all items on the list.

Approving prepares the requests to be run when you choose to process. You can edit or remove requests once they have been approved but not yet processed/paid. 

Add Invoice

Even if someone has been set up as a timecard based employee, you can still write an invoice on the production side of Wrapbook. Here you can add invoices for all use cases.

  1. Select the employee you wish to enter an invoice for.
  2. Select the date the work was performed, or if you are submitting an invoice for someone who worked multiple days within a week, choose the last day in the week that they worked. It’s okay if there are gaps in that time.
  3. If this is an invoice for hours worked, leave this box checked. By having this box checked it will require you to enter a total number of hours.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay.

Remember, anything entered here will be taxable income. Taxation is dependent on the type of worker, not the type of payment. Taxable income includes COVID Stipends, Buyout Fees, Kill Fees, and Wages.

Note: Utilize notes for the date range that the payment represents. The date range is helpful in the case of a workers compensation case as it establishes when the worker was working. It also can be useful if the worker decided to file for unemployment.

Add Expense

There are 3 types of expenses that can be paid through Wrapbook: kit rental, mileage, and other expenses.

  • KIT RENTAL: To pay a kit rental, enter an itemized list either in the provided text box or uploaded as an attachment. At least one must be included. Kit Rentals will never carry a tax obligation for the production company and will never be taxed upfront for the worker. However, if the worker earns $600 or more in kit across all companies they work for within Wrapbook, they will receive a 1099 for “Rents” which, when reported, is taxed at a lower rate than wages.
  • MILEAGE: For mileage reporting, select the date, enter the number of miles driven, and attach a mileage log. The IRS requires mileage logs and the log must show  the odometer at the start and end of the day, during each top, and at the end of the day.
  • OTHER EXPENSES: A catchall area for reimbursements and expenses (coffee, pizza, parking, COVID test, etc.). If a worker incurs several expenses through the whole week, they can submit it as one collective expense. If the expense totals over $75, the worker will need to provide a receipt or collection of receipts in order to process the expense.