Common Workers Compensation FAQs

Last Update:
March 21, 2022

How long does it take for workers compensation  approvals?

Pre-approval can take up to five business days. Please note a faster turnaround is not guaranteed. 

How do I know if an injury is eligible for workers’ compensation?

Eligibility for worker’s compensation depends on the individual circumstances as well as the rules in the state where the injury took place. For best practices, report whenever a worker is injured, even if the injury didn’t happen in the workplace or in the course of employment. A clear record ensures that a claims administrator can review what happened and make sure your employee gets the appropriate benefits if their injury is eligible for coverage under the applicable workers compensation laws where the injury took place. 

When should I report the claim?

Even in minor incident or cases where the worker elects against obtaining medical treatment at the time, all incidents should be reported to Vensure and Wrapbook within 24 hours of knowledge of the incident.This ensures a contemporaneous record of the incident in the event that the individual requires medical treatment at a later date.

What information should I provide in reporting a claim to you?

Please follow the procedures noted below to report a claim to Wrapbook and its workers’ compensation partner Vensure:

  1. Complete the Employers Accident Investigation Report. Note that the Company Name in the Employer Section should be documented as TakeOne Network Corp dba Wrapbook as opposed to your Production Company Name.
  2. Have the injured worker complete the Employee’s Report of Injury. Please advise the injured individual to list the payroll employer TakeOne Network Corp dba Wrapbook as the Employer as opposed to your Production Company Name.
  3. Obtain the names of witnesses to the injury and their statements.
  4. If the worker declines medical treatment, have them complete the Employee Refusal of Medical Treatment Form.
  5. If the injury occurs in California, have the worker complete the Worker Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1).
  6. Submit the completed documents to Vensure via email at or via fax at (480) 289-6220.
  7. CC Wrapbook via email at

What should I tell an injured employee if they ask about using their own medical insurance?

An injured worker should only need to use their own medical insurance if the workers compensation claim is denied, or if they’re going for treatment not related to the claim. Treatment of the work-related injury should be provided through the workers’ compensation system.

What activities are considered hazardous and will require additional approval from our insurance company?

  • Use of watercraft
  • Working in and around any body of water, including shooting on any beaches, scuba diving
  • Working with scissor lifts, ladders, or scaffolding
  • Carpentry or Electrical Work
  • Athletes/Dancers
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Use of aircraft/helicopter/drones
  • Stunt work (drifting, precision driving, car chases, work above 15 feet, etc.)
  • Use of Animals
  • Use of railroads/trains
  • Use of pyrotechnics
  • Weapons/live ammunition
  • Foreign Travel
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Other hazardous activities
  • Skateboarding, sports activities 

What information requires additional underwriting from Wrapbook’s workers’ compensation provider? 

Wrapbook’s current workers compensation program has certain limitations as noted in the Employer of Record Service Terms. Wrapbook will review and decide on items that involve less hazardous production activities, such as filming on the beach, and work at heights up to 15 feet.

Other more hazardous activities (aircraft, scuba diving, skydiving, stunts, watercraft, weapons, and wild animals) will need to be advised to Wrapbook’s workers compensation provider in further advance. Wrapbook mandates this extra measure to ensure coverage in the event of catastrophic loss.

Does Wrapbook cover workers’ compensation for international travel?

Wrapbook purchases an international workers' compensation policy that provides State of Hire workers' compensation benefits to US-based employees doing short-term work outside the US.  

What information needs to be reported for international travel?

International travel must be reported to Wrapbook's insurance carrier in advance to ensure there are no current restrictions on the country to which the customer is traveling.  When submitting to Wrapbook’s insurer, you must include:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Production Name
  • City/Country Being Visited
  • Travel Dates Outside the US for each Person
  • Number of Workers (and whether they are traveling together)
  • Worker Occupations
  • Worker Resident States
  • Worker State of Hire
  • Confirmation that Workers are Authorized to Work in the US (e.g. US Citizens or Permanent Residents)
Note: Foreign travel will incur additional insurance costs with $75 charged each week for each worker. Stunt Work is not permitted internationally.