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“The best company”

Wrapbook was so easy to use... Especially for talent and people who aren’t familiar with that process.

Molly Podell
Production Manager at Jellysmack
“I will 100% recommend and use”

“Anything that I can bring into my process as a producer that can save me time and money is something that I will 100% recommend and use. Wrapbook has done both of those things for me..."

Matt Little
Head of Production at Open Range
“Wrapbook makes us that much better”

With Wrapbook, everything related to payroll ends up in one place, which is so nice. For a small company, it eliminates a lot of extra steps.

Max Rose
Founder of Tuff Contender

Running payroll all the time?

If you’re running multiple productions in a year or processing a large amount of payroll, reach out to our expert sales team to discuss alternative pricing options.

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