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Frequently Asked Questions

While these are the most frequently asked questions by new users, find a full directory of FAQs here.

What is production insurance?

Production insurance is property/casualty insurance that is focused exclusively on film, television, and commercial production. You can learn more about production insurance here: https://www.wrapbook.com/essential-guide-film-production-insurance/

What sort of policies does Wrapbook offer?

Wrapbook offers a variety of production insurance policies, but they specialize in annual DICE policies. DICE stands for Documentary, Industrial, Commercial, and Educational, but extends to cover music videos, web series, animation, photography, and more. To learn more about the policies that Wrapbook offers here: https://www.wrapbook.com/producers-guide-dice-insurance-policy/

Does Wrapbook offer Short Term policies?

Wrapbook focuses on annual clients, and only offers minimal short term policies for current payroll clients.

How is insurance premium determined?

Insurance premium is determined by a lot of things: the state you work in, what sort of coverages you need, the amount that you spend on production (Gross Production Cost), how much you plan to pay your crew, and how much you expect to spend on renting vehicles.

What if I don’t know some of these numbers?

If you don’t know your Gross Production Cost, payroll, or how much you will spend on rental vehicles that’s okay. Fill out your application with your best estimate, and if any of these figures change during the year, let your insurance broker know. They can easily “endorse” the policy to reflect the new numbers.

Are stunts covered?

Sometimes. Stunts and other hazardous activities are covered, but every stunt needs to be quoted separately and officially added on to the policy. If you have a stunt or other hazardous activity--watercraft, animals, drones, etc.--let your insurance broker know and they can get you a quote.

What is a Certificate of Insurance? (COI)

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document that you give to someone to show that you have insurance. It can also name one of your collaborators as “additional insured” or “loss payee” under your policy. You can learn more about COIs here: https://www.wrapbook.com/producers-guide-certificates-of-insurance-film/

Are there any special insurance requirements for shooting in Los Angeles?

Yes. Los Angeles requires a few coverages in order to issue permits that aren’t required in other places. These include waivers of subrogation for General and Auto Liability, as well as Workers Comp. You can learn more about these here: https://www.wrapbook.com/los-angeles-film-permits/

Are there any special insurance requirements for shooting in New York City?

It depends on the size of your crew and where you’re shooting. You can learn more about these here: https://www.wrapbook.com/nyc-film-permits/

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