Workers Compensation 101

Last Update:
March 21, 2022

Workers Compensation insurance is the system by which no-fault statutory benefits prescribed in state law are provided by an employer to eligible workers) due to a job-related injury arising from an accident or occupational disease.

The insurance provides coverage for medical costs to treat injuries and illnesses, wage replacement benefits, and statutory permanent disability benefits that result from the injury. Eligible workers for WC include employees, part-time workers, and loan-out workers. Contractors are not covered by Workers Compensation.

  • Workers compensation is required by law for any employer who hires workers eligible under WC. Wrapbook administers workers compensation insurance for all production employees, including part-time workers and those employees paid through their loan-out companies.
  • Workers compensation insurance rates are state and project dependent but average between 2% to 4%. Visit our payroll estimator to get an instant estimate for the most active states.

Login to Wrapbook and click View Projects > Documents to get a copy of your workers compensation insurance certificate (COI). Once your WC application is approved, the certificate of insurance (COI) will be at the top of the page. You can Edit, Delete or view as a PDF. If you get your Workers Compensation through production insurance, your production insurance policy and WC coverage will be included on the same COI document.

Note: If you would like to request a certificate of insurance for a third party in order to secure permission to film at a location Wrapbook will need the name and address of the certificate holder and any special instructions for the certificate. Please note that depending on the request, this may incur an additional cost.